Pet Sitting Our Way


We are asked if we board animals, this we dont do, as we feel the animals welfare and creature comforts come first.

The way we work is based on the needs of your pets. If you have one or four dogs the tailor made package is for you, its charged per household and NO surcharges for having more pets.  We will treat your animals as if they are our own and spend quality time with each and every one of them. This service is now becoming more popular as owners see the rewards when they return from breaks, to happy animals.

We visit first thing in the morning to check your animals are fine and let out for wee/poops, feed if they are fed first thing, change water bowl, turn off any lights left on, open curtains and then take your dog for its first walk of the day, if your dog is a social butterfly and would like to stay with us on further walks that we do in the day, this is possible, depending on weather, your dogs age, stamina and health. Then they are returned for a well deserved rest, we then return around lunchtime to let out, fuss, play and keep company for a while, then settle to leave until tea time, which is when we will go back feed, take for a walk and sit for a while to keep company, pulling curtains, putting post on side, lights on so the house is looking lived in and safe and secure whilst you are away. The last visit of the day is later in the evening, ready for bed.  We then return again early hours next morning.

Your dog/pets are comfortable in the routine they are use to, and being in the comfort of own home.

We can supply references, or even put you in touch with customers who rate this service highly.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Summer holidays we limit to 2 pet sitters per day, this is so we know we have staff to cover the period and that your animals are cared for in the love and way we like to work. If you would like to register then contact us to find out and pre-book your dates now.

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